About BNCO

The Buddhist Network of Central Ohio (BNCO) is a registered non-profit run by a volunteer board with a small budget to do a few things: a booth at Pride and Comfest, maintaining this website < buddhismcentralohio.org >, and distributing a current list of all the active public Buddhist groups in the area. We host occasional “Introduction to Buddhism for the Curious” talks, given by volunteers from various Sanghas who offer their own unique perspective. BNCO is the linking organization with the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio < iaco.org > which means we represent area Buddhists to their counsel.
Most of our budget comes from donations on behalf of “member sanghas.” We ask for $50 per year donation from any local Buddhist community that would like to officially join the Buddhist Network, but anyone can be involved without their temple/sangha paying dues.
We feel that Buddhists, despite our diversity, have much in common and, as a minority in Ohio, have much to gain by joining together to support one another by sharing resources, sharing practice, and sharing knowledge. We feel that the Buddha’s teachings have something to offer the world in these changing times and that one need not be a “Buddhist” to benefit from them. At its core, the Buddhist Network of Central Ohio seeks to follow the Dharma in the promotion of wisdom and compassion in ourselves and in all beings.
-Seth Josephson (Mud Lotus Sangha)

How to Submit Your Sangha to the Directory

Please send an email using the above form with the following information:

  • Your group’s name
  • The main contact’s name and email
  • When and where you meet for group meditation and dharma talks
  • Website, if you have one
  • A description of your group
  • The name of your resident teacher, if you have one

If you have other materials you wish to send, such as pdfs, images, or brochures, please send them to info@buddhismcentralohio.org.

Speakers Bureau

Buddhism Network of Central Ohio is sometimes asked to provide speakers for interfaith discussions and educational events for local organizations. To arrange for a speaker, please contact info@buddhismcentralohio.org.


Volunteers & Speakers/Teachers Needed

We are always looking for members of the Buddhist community who are willing to serve as speakers. A broad range of topics are of interest, from personal to scholarly, from “Introduction to Buddhism” to the history and teachings of particular traditions, Buddhism and modern science, and whether it is possible to be simultaneously a Buddhist and a Christian. Audiences of interest include church groups and classrooms at various levels from elementary school to college. If you are interested, please contact info@buddhismcentralohio.org with information about your background, what topics you are prepared to speak about, and what audiences you feel you can connect with.


Additional Ohio Resources

Interfaith Association of Central Ohio (IACO) DharmaWeb

Other Links

BuddhaNet Tricycle: The Buddhist Review


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